Gill Young Director of partnerships Newbury College 01635845000
I confirm that ‘TJ’ delivered a session on Personal Safety to a group of 16 – 18 year olds who were undertaking a WBTC designed ‘Step Up to Apprenticeship’ Programme. TJ has a great presence and certainly held the attention of the young people with the meaningful content of his session. The events and personal experiences were vividly described and powerful in their message. I would certainly recommend TJ’s session to similar groups.

Petronelle East-Wakefield Resus training officer Royal Berkshire Hospital 01183225111
Thank you so much for being so brilliant on Tuesday! The talk was perfect and a round hour in length - very good! You are truly brilliant and it was just the thing.
I have been thinking a lot about all you said and I REALLY wish someone had told me all that when I was 13 - not necessarily the drugs bit as I was so square that no-one ever offered! But all the stuff about being yourself and choosing the right people to be around. Particularly brilliant for Cali too as she'd had a bit of a wobble about her glasses this week. Some nasty girl at summer camp took exception to her on account of her glasses (or so she thought) and it upset her. She doesn't want contacts either, so being told by you (cool) that you can be who you are, was FAB!
So again, huge thanks for giving your time and expertise. Brilliant!

Victor Koroma Alliance Cohesion and Racial Equality Manager 0118 9510279
Dear T.J., Acre takes this opportunity to thank you for your participation at our Diversity Day Celebration. From the feedback we received, your talk was very well received and this made the occasion very special.

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