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Humble Pie

Humble Pie

Life itself is a gift and clear like mountainous water. Its beauty blemished only by the short sightedness of man. Humanity’s humility towards God, a simple man’s honest look at our journey through life and some of the things that moulds and shapes us. No human being is perfect, we are all trying our best. Sometimes in exceedingly difficult circumstances. Happiness comes from within, no one is responsible for another’s happiness. The journey of life is one that is full of up’s and down’s. A scary ride of which one needs to hold on. Material wealth offer little when compared to love and genuine friendship. Fear and doubt can imprison minds. Tolerance, respect, love, forgiveness and understanding can mend broken bridges. Everybody gets knock down but not everybody gets back up.  Decide to stand, decide to never stop trying even if you keep failing, decide to see yourself as God see’s you.

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